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PlayStation Games + Icons = ♥

For all you PS1 whores out there.

Playstation Icons
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Welcome to ps1_icons, a community for the icon makers and their connoisseurs who appreciate the wonderful games released on Sony's PlayStation console.

With all the new games and systems coming out, it's getting harder to find icons from the PS1 heyday. This community hopes to make your search a little easier.

There are several rules below you should read before posting here.

The following will get you a warning for removal:
Posts that do not contain PS1 icons. This is kind of derp, obviously you should post here only if you have them! But this community isn't for PS2 or PS3 icons.

The following will get your post deleted:
Plugging without accompanying icons. This is to avoid spam.

The following will get you banned from the community:
Trolling or harassment and insulting people's work. You will not get a warning; hurtful behavior will not be tolerated.

There may be some confusion when it comes to a game like Final Fantasy Chronicles, which contains FFVI and Chrono Trigger, games that were originally not released for the PS1. However, since they were ported to the PS1, they are allowed. If you post icons from Chronicles, Anthologies, Origins or games like them it would be preferable if you stated somewhere in your post that that's where they came from to avoid confusion, but you don't have to. :D

Doujinshi and fanart icons are fine but please try to include links to your sources. Have fun!